Our Conference Panels and Format

Our Conference Format for Write Up North

The conference format we selected – to be held over two days on October 20th and 21st – was born from our collective experience teaching and running events and workshops. We felt that, by planning a two-day conference, we could get to know people better than a one-day conference would allow. We also wanted to choose a space that was well-suited to thinking about writing – a natural setting beyond the bustle of the city where we could all escape.

The Kingbridge Conference Centre is that place, and we have found a phenomenal group of people to join us. Our schedule showcases some key industry leaders in a format that will allow all to share their experiences in a relaxed, conversational setting. Our panels cover a variety of topics, from digital marketing and PR strategies, to effective writing and word choice. Our Friday keynote, Barry Waite, from Centennial College, will cover a very current issue, “Creating credibility in the era of Fake News,” and we’re very much looking forward to his talk. After Barry’s sure-to-intrigue keynote, we’ll be hosting a networking mixer Friday night, which will be open to the general public (*for a small fee). It’s going to be hard to beat the atmosphere at Bridges bar, with all the technicolour leaves and cool, autumn air, and the company will be unbeatable. Then we do it all again on Saturday, with a great lineup of speakers and panelists and keynote from Keith Damsell, Vice President, Global Internal Communications, Franklin Templeton Investments Inc.

This event is not to be missed.

So come join us and register at www.writeupnorth.com.

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