Our Conference Philosophy

Our Conference Philosophy for Write Up North

Our theme this year at Write Up North is “the business of writing.” Effective writing means different things to different people – there is a degree of subjectivity here – but it does matters what we say to our customers and clients and how we say it. Business is won or lost by effective communication, and many first impressions are made by writing, and so we all have a vested interest in how we present ourselves.

That’s where our speakers and panelists come in: each is an experienced writer and communicator in their respective field and each has something meaningful to say about the best way to reach people.

Our own philosophy for the conference – retreat, share, learn, refine – aims to create a relaxed and social space for corporate writers and communicators to reflect on their professional lives and the place of writing in them. We all work daily to meet the relentless deadlines of our pressure-driven lives – things must get done – but we also aim to find the language that best communicates our personal values and professional services. To do that well, to write and speak well, we must take time now and again to assess what’s working and what’s not.

That’s Write up North: A place to retreat in a welcoming setting and exchange ideas with industry-leading experts; to learn from like-minded professionals who do what we do; and to refine the ways in which we use language to connect with real people. In the end, that’s what good business is all about: connection.

So come join us and register at www.writeupnorth.com.

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