Janine Allen

SVP, GM & Partner, Kaiser Lachance Communications

Brief Profile: Janine Allen serves as a senior communications advisor for clients across industries such as technology, retail, payments, real estate, investment and professional services. Janine specializes in developing strategic communications platforms that enhance visibility and transform relationships with key media, stakeholders and influencers, while respecting and aligning with corporate business goals.

A Few Questions

1. What words define you and the way you work with clients or your internal teams? Partner. Trust. Responsive. Integrated. Flexible.

2. In what situations do you say, “I really need to write this well”? I believe in writing well in all situations. From notes to my children who are learning to read, to client materials, the ability to clearly communicate a request or an idea guides my interactions.

3. How do you close your email messages and why? (e.g. “best wishes,” “regards,” “sincerely”) I think it’s becoming more common to have no sign-off at all, but I still feel that an absence of a closing statement is too curt. For me, if I know the person well, I use “Talk to you soon.” In more formal correspondence, I have walked away from “Best,” or “Kind regards,” in favour of “Thank you,” or if I’m making a request of them, “Thank you in advance.”

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