Patrick McBrine

Partner, Headstart Copywriting Professor, Bishop's University

Patrick McBrine is Partner at HeadStart copywriting, Professor at Bishop’s University, and co-founder of Write up North. He has written and published widely on a variety of subjects and in a variety of forms, from academic books, articles, reviews, and other educational materials, to corporate marketing and communications, social media content, and advertising for consumer goods. At HeadStart, he helps businesses all of sizes find the right words to reach their target audiences. His area of expertise is the History of English and English usage, in particular etymology and semantics (word meaning).

Session (Friday)

Session 1: Business Writing in 2017

Workshop-based introduction to the conference and to business writing in 2017.


Session 4: Boost your Word Power!

Main Meeting Room

Workshop-based approach. Why do we choose some words over others? Learn how and why it matters.