Spotlight: Christina Farrace

Christina Farrace

Write up North is delighted to welcome Christina Farrace, who will be taking part in this year’s panel on “The Evolving Marketer.” Christina has over 10 years of experience in marketing, sales and technology focused on the financial services and the professional services industry. She is motivated by opportunities to form effective partnerships; to analyze customer issues and market trends, and to arrive at new and improved business solutions. Christina prides herself on always wanting to learn more, allowing her to continually enhance marketing related initiatives and be flexible to the needs of the business.

This year, to get to know our guest panelists and speakers, we’ve asked them to answer a few questions about language and writing in their daily lives.

A Few Questions

  1. What words define you and the way you work with clients or your internal teams?

I try to be collaborative, approachable, understanding and communicative when working with clients and internal teams. My goal is to always listen and determine a simplified solution in a personable approach.

  1. In what situations do you say, “I really need to write this well”? 

I believe in every communication we need to write well, as it’s a representation of who we are and builds our credibility.

  1. How do you close your email messages and why? (e.g. “best wishes,” “regards,” “sincerely”)

As businesses become more virtual, much of the communication we do is done via email. Written communication has become more important than ever. Emails showcase our personalities and professionalism. I most commonly use, “many thanks”, “much appreciated”, “thanks in advance” or “kind regards”, to close positively and respectfully, as you want your reader to respond.

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