Spotlight: Taryn Lipschitz

Taryn Lipschitz

Write up North is delighted to welcome Taryn Lipschitz, who will be taking part in this year’s panel on “200+ Brands of Toothpaste.” Taryn Lipschitz is an Account Director at the T1 Agency. With 7+ years of agency experience developing fully integrated marketing campaigns, Taryn understands the complexities of integrating brand strategies across experiential, social media, CRM and above-the-line for both national and global clients. Her current focus is on the development and execution of Sponsorship Strategies in Canada.

This year, to get to know our guest panelists and speakers, we’ve asked them to answer a few questions about language and writing in their daily lives.

A Few Questions

  1. What words define you and the way you work with clients or your internal teams? 

The words that define me and the way I work with others are: honest, transparent, positive, and concise – I think it’s important to be transparent about what is going on and keeping communication concise so that it’s clear what you are trying to communicate. I always look for positive ways to work with people as that also helps motive others who are working on the project.

  1. In what situations do you say, “I really need to write this well”? 

Anytime I’m writing and email, deck, presentation, etc. I think it’s important to make sure that you’re always thinking about who the audience is and that what you’re writing is clear.

  1. How do you close your email messages and why? (e.g. “best wishes,” “regards,” “sincerely”)

My everyday emails are signed off:






I find this to be professional yet not too formal to those people that I work with frequently.


When I’m writing an email to someone that I do not know as well or have an ask in the email, I usually sign it off as:

Thank you in advance,





These are both more formal and professional to those who I don’t have as much of a relationship with.



Thank you, Taryn!

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