Why we’re Holding a Conference

When we sat down in January to do some planning for the year ahead, we inadvertently came up with the idea for this conference, because it was the kind of event we ourselves at HeadStart Copywriting wanted to attend. True, there are myriad conferences in Toronto already, but many of them follow a standard format and don’t focus on the craft of writing or its crucial role in business communications.

We also wanted to expand our network of business writers, marketers, and PR professionals – anyone who has to write to win business – because we wanted to meet and work with like-minded people.

So we found a place north of Toronto that would serve as a welcoming retreat for those who write in this hectic business world and started thinking about how we could best share our collective insights about effective writing. This is the result: Write up North.

It’s the kind of a conference we have wanted to attend, something a little different, and so we’re delighted to offer it to you.

Please join us and register at www.writeupnorth.com.

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